Surface and Metal Finishing

Elevate the Aesthetics and Durability of Your Metal Projects.

What is Surface and Metal Finishing?

Any kind of manufacturing process produces a surface texture. Surface and metal finishing is the optimization of surface texture to give products the desired look, texture, and quality. Metal finishing treats a metal product with a thin layer applied to its surface.

At Metal & Wood Products we know the value in proper surface finishes and metal treatments, and bring over 50 years of experience and knowledge to all our projects in order to achieve the right surface finish. Our standard is to provide the highest level of finish quality available.

We prep all our surfaces with a sand blast treatment to prepare the metal for its top coat. This ensures the highest level of adhesion for years of trouble free beauty. Sand-blasting machines are used when a project requires a uniform, matte texture. The sand-blasting process forces sand or metal pellets into a substrate at high speed. The result is a smooth and clean surface texture.

Benefits of Surface and Metal Finishing

  • – Increases product efficiency
  • – Increases product durability
  • – Improves product beauty
  • – Enhances electrical conductivity
  • – Resolves wear resistance problems, including electrical resistance, chemical resistance, and tarnish resistance

What are Surface Finish Qualities?

Cut edge qualities range from Q1 to Q5. Q1 is the fastest cut and is used primarily for material separation. Depending on edge finish requirements, slower cutting speeds of Q2 through Q5 are selected. Parts requiring close tolerance geometry will of course require smoother edge finishes in that area of the part. (Note: Some other terms also used in the industry to indicate cut speed or edge quality – 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% & 20% or Fastest, Medium fast, Normal, Better & Best)


Quality of

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