On-Site Installation & Fabrication

We don’t just fabricate materials. We provide on-site solutions by designing, building & repairing to your specifications.

What Is On-Site Installation & Fabrication?

Metal & Wood Products will come to your site to better understand your needs and unique challenges. Our on-site installation and fabrication service is often the best way for us to measure, design, and give you advice on how to reach the most effective and efficient solution for your specific project. Our fabricators are highly trained and certified to provide all types of custom welding and on–site fabricating, commercial and residential, in all areas of Vancouver and the lower mainland.

A great deal of thought goes into each and every job we encounter, whether big or small, because we don’t just weld and fabricate materials. We provide solutions by designing, building and repairing to your specifications.

At Metal & Wood, quality is essential. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products, on-time deliveries and superior service at a competitive price. We are looking forward to assisting you with all your on-site fabrication needs and welcome any inquires you may have.

Benefits of On-Site Installation

  • Quality Control: Our on-site fabrication service ensures that your project is completed with the greatest possible quality.
  • Timeliness: We understand that production time is essential for families and critical to the success of businesses. Our on-site fabricators focus on your project alone, avoiding delays.
  • Design Solutions: We can better understand your projects’ opportunities and challenges by coming to your site, which enables us to create a design according to the highest standards.
  • Build and Install On-Site: We can fabricate, cut, weld, form, shear, assemble and install all at your project site.
  • Repairs: Whether you are redesigning fixtures, replacing architectural features, or repairing any other unique project, our on-site service works with you to meet your requirements.
Where Does Metal & Wood Do On-Site Installation?

Some Of Our Commercial and Residential Projects

We specialize in fabrication of high end architectural details at both residential and commercial project sites. Our projects include custom architectural design and installation of metal articles such as staircases, railings, gates, canopies, brackets enclosures, and more.

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