Cantilevered Stringer

Staircases - Cantilevered Stringer

Full Cantilevered

Cantilevering the treads out of a wall creates a very sleek looking staircase leaving you wondering how it works.

This is a fully Cantilevered staircase with custom glass mounts.

  • Stringer buried in wall
  • Custom Glass Mounts
  • 1/2″ Tempered Glass panels
  • The treads are 2 1/2″ thick white oak full wrap
  • Handrails are 1.5″ round stainless Billet ends and mounts
Full Cantaliver with bridge
Staircases - Cantilevered Stringer

Semi Cantileverd

Cantilevering the treads offset to one side is a simple way to make the treads appear to be floating.