Double Undermount Stringer

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Cantilevered Stringer

Cantilevered Staircase are a great way to open up any space


These are double under mount stringers made from standard H.S.S tubing sections


These are Double Under mount plate stringers made from plate and Water jet cut into any profile you want.


These are Double under mount stringers made from standard I-Beam Sections of made from custom fabricated sections made to look like an I-Beam

Miscellaneous Double Undermount Gallery

These are all kinds of different types of double under mount staircases.

Full Cantilevered

Cantilevering the treads out of a wall creates a very sleek looking staircase leaving you wondering how it works.

Semi Cantileverd

Cantilevering the treads offset to one side is a simple way to make the treads appear to be floating.

Miscellaneous Cantalivered Stringer Gallery

There are many ways to cantilever a staircase and here are some ideas

Tube Stringer

These are Single under mount stringers using standard H.S.S tubing sections as the main stringer tube.

Fabricated tube

These are single under mount stringers that have been fabricated from plate steel to create a very crisp sharp corner and custom sizes and shapes


These are single under mount stringers using standard I-beam sections or custom fabricated sections to create an I-Beam Look

Miscellaneous Single Undermount Gallery

So many different ways to customize a single under mount stringer r to make it your own unique design.

Side Stringer made from tube

These are stingers that use standard tubing sections for the stringers

Side Stringer made of C-Chanel

Chanel side stringers are a very industrial look commonly used in commercial applications but can be quite nice if done right in your custom home.

Side stringer made from plate

Side stringers made from plate create the illusion of minimal structure on long spans

Miscellaneous Side Stringer Gallery

These are all kinds of side stringers there are so may ways to make your custom staircase unique to your home.