Single Under mount 6″ square H.S.S offset stringer

This is a single under mount offset stringer. 6″ Square stringer that is offset 2/3rd. – 1/3rd. 5″ Square riser tubes and Unique attachment to the ceiling,It under hangs the ceiling and appears to be floating just 3/4″ from the drywall. The treads are Red Oak 4″ thick 1/2″ Thick Clear Tempered Glass Custom 1/2″ X... Read more ...Read More

Custom Fabricated Plate stringer Semi Cantalivered & Side Mounted Glass

This is a fully custom fabricated stringer with custom glass mounts. 1/2″ Plate Stringer Build in riser & machined pockets for lights on riser 1/2″ Tempered Glass panels & Custom mounts The treads are 2 1/2″ thick white oak Handrails are 1.66 round stainless top mounted on glass ...Read More